Step #6: Create Killer Website Content

Creating website content is as easy as staking blocks. I know you can stack blocks, in that case you can create Web pages, it’s that simple. Your pages will sensational ones too. The block-by-block approach is useful in bringing the layman up to speed on how to put together the critical components of a Web page into a page that will draw both Search Engine spiders and human visitors to it.

Back to Joey’s blueprint a bit, he focused his attention on his most profitable keywords as he created eReader Reviews Content that his visitors looked forward to.

Remember its website content that attracts targeted and motivated Traffic... This traffic is in form of visitors who are PREsold by the top-quality information, once they are presold they then get in a warm state of mind, which enables them open to their purses and wallets to purchase whatever you are selling...  that’s called Monetization.

OK, Joey’s website content page is almost done. He then clicks on the Analyze It! Button, to analyse and improve the way his page will rank in Search Engines. He has an option to click Preview It! In order to make sure his webpage looks just right.

All set? Good! Joey is happy with how his page will rank in Search Engines, his is also happy about how it looks to a human being, he is done. He then  clicks the Build It! Button and amazing things begin to happen.

The moment Joey clicked on the Build It! button, the tools began a Search Engine Traffic-building process that is unique and unmatched on the world wide web. The tools are  designed to do all the hard yards, the tedious work, automatically and continuously,  delivering the all-important T(traffic) in C  T  P  M.

For each and  every major Search Engine be it global or regional , the tools do everything any webmaster needs, its done in auto to maximize results at the search engines... OK here is what happens.
  • The process builds a sitemap file & pings Google, Bing &  Yahoo!  Each and every time that you build or even just  change a Web page on your site
  • The tool track when each search engine (its "spider") pays a visit to each page on your site
  • It goes on to check and record when each search engine engine lists each page...
  • It also does report on the dates for all these complex events... and give s it to you in a simple format.. Everything at your fingertips.
The results delivered by this unique sitemap pinging and spider tracking service remain unmatched on the internet. And yes, the tools even records and report your daily rankings at the major engines.
Lest talk about website content in more detail...

The proven formula for generating website income successful comes down to...
"Getting profitable CLICKS!"
  • Find... When visitors make a search, they must find your website within the top 10 search results (no worse than Top 20) for your keywords. Or else, you merely don't exists for that term because most surfers will not investigate beyond the 20th position. And that will be the end of your website.

  • Click... Title and Description that appears when your website shows in Search Engines, must incite the reader to want to visit your webpage that is they find it adequately compelling to click to your site.

    If your Title and Description are tacky or boring, whoever is reading them - will find no need to click to your Web page, even if it appears on  #1 on the Search Engine Results Page. Your potential customer will continue browsing to the next site – You have lost a potential dollar.

  • Click... When your visitor clicks to go to your webpage, they expect to find high value information, website content or services, they then learn to trust and like you, they now take you as someone is honest who will deliver what they are looking for, they then follow your recommendations with interest.

    This gives you another click! If your website content pages are filled with poor, low-quality, no-value information, you will indeed get a click – but you visitor will leave your website with same speed at which he came in on the back to the Search Engine's results page to start another search. Game over.

  • CLICK-kaCHING! Your visitor makes you money. That might be in form of an order page on your website, contact form referring your visitors to a local services provider, your online store, or they will become a warm lead for your affiliate links, they will do so in a "feeling of in control and smart about myself" as well as open-to-buy mood.  They click the monetization button, and that’s money for you.

  • Be a Master of website content Delivery.

The Fundamental Reality of the Web is very simple. People use it to look for solutions, to seek information. In order to succeed online, you must begin where your potential visitors and customer start looking from.
The concept of "information, information, and information." now replaces the offline theme of "location, location, location".

For your information to be effective it has to be niche-oriented website content. What this means is the Concept and all its related keyword focused Web pages must tie into your website.
This is the only way, Content  Traffic  PREsell flows smoothly to Monetize.

Remember for small business C  T  P  M is the only way to succeed online, yet very few people like follow this logical and natural process. This is what will distinguish yourself from your competitors.

It is of paramount importance to create a website that will be found by prospective customers after they have searched for your keywords on the web.... What I mean is you need to... Build a Site that get Clicks .

Follow the best-practices-based, step-by-step 10 step process. Apply the integrated tools to your own website to build a high-traffic, as well a Theme-Based Content Site.

All you have to do to be successful is to deliver website content about your concept/theme/niche. The tools will handle the behind-the-scenes technology including the complexity of building and marketing your Web site successfully.

The 10 step process then frees you to focus on what you know best... your website.  


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