Step#2 Find and Develop Your Website Concept

To develop his website concept, Joey went into one of the tools that support this guide called the Brainstormer, Joey typed “eReader”. What happen next amazed him, the brainstomer went to work before his eyes, and it researched the world wide web and brought back a refreshingly complete set of the most profitable topics he had ever seen about eReaders, remember this is someone who considers himself a guru when it came to eReaders.

The profitable website theme (demand vs supply) before his eyes, topics on which he could start to build his profitable website just left his mouth agape, his eyes gazing in awe.
The website theme put before him in minutes takes any accomplished website builder months and months of research to build. Yes you heard me right months of research information done in a few minutes.

Talking to Joey he says 2 and ½ minutes to be exact. That’s amazing isn’t it? Well when I set up this website it took me about the same time as well, so hear me right. I am not shooting from the hip here. No!!. I am talking from hands–on experience. The hands typing this page have seen success from the 10 Step process.

Remember earlier on I said “I walk the talk” yes I do. I practice what I teach. Everything I am talking about here, I have done it and proved it works. It is tried and tested material. Otherwise why would I be wasting my time and yours giving away loads of crap. Look I don’t mean to be rude, but I have a reputation to protect here, I would never put my name to this if it didn’t work.

 Everybody who has been successful through this website will always say “I heard it from Martin first” That’s what makes me tick.

What about you, what makes you tick, your passion or your skills? Put it to test, start writing about it, Ok don’t just start writing about it, I mean start making money out of it by writing about it. Read on I will show you how.

Ok where was I? Excuse me a minute, Yep, before Joey’s eyes were months of top quality keyword research (generated from a tool called Seed Generator  which led Joey to finding his Niche, (I think I lie, let me put it this way for Joey it was confirming his Niche ( his website theme) - look he knew more about eReaders than anybody I have ever met, just from using them, this research led him to the Best Website Concept for his site) in minutes... what more the tool also gave Joey information about how he could make money from Google AdSense ads on his site's pages.

Joey is not an exception you have your passion you have your skills those are the basis for your website concept. If you are not sure don’t worry the Seed Generator, will help you find your Niche, and develop your website theme.

How do you do that?
Don’t worry, don’t jump the gun, trust the process, follow the process, I will hold your hand throughout the whole process. This process will lead you to success.

Joey ended up with a Master Keyword List which enabled him to search, sort, filter, analyse, add, delete, and even find & research valuable information about top websites for each and every keyword.

He now had is his possession ideas about Content, Site Info ideas and Monetization all stored into an online for later reference. Yes you can come back later to this tool all your information will be there in its entirety.

Ok let’s get you a bit more detail.

What Is a Website Concept?

It is your website themes, it is the niche, upon which  your site’s content will be base, it then becomes a Theme-Based Content Site. All the pages you end up writing will be based on your site concept. Each one of the pages is referred to as Keyword-Focused Content Page, since they focus on a specific keyword.

The thing is there plenty of space for multitudes of websites within any niche. You should not worry when you find competitors; the tools I will reveal to you will give you a big competitive advantage.

How do you  Recognize Your Website Concept ?

A profitable Website Concept must...
  1. Be in demand. It needs to have a quantifiable number of people searching for solutions and information contained in your theme. Your theme doesn’t have to be too narrow (ex., an unknown  product, a small island within an island in the Caribbean), if it is too narrow it means you will not have  enough demand for monetisation, you will still not  make money even if the whole of  your (too tiny) market(visitors) finds you!

  2. Not too broad. Be mindful of a high competition concept (too broad) everyone wants to compete in it; the competition will be severe. It makes it very difficult to win or rank high at the Search Engines for a too broad theme’s keywords. For example, it is very difficult to succeed using the theme of "travel “or having the “Caribbean" as you site concept, it is highly competitive. You might need to work 80 hours per week for year, if you are to succeed. But building website site about one of the islands within the “Caribbean” is your best bet...

  3. Does the website concept excite you? It helps to choose a theme that you know and love (alternatively choose one you are willing to find out more about).  It’s easy to write lost of pages on something that excites you. You should consider what your  "passion”, “skill “and "knowledge" is-- if you can identify ithave it, it will form the basis of your content.

  4. Does the website theme deliver high ROI potential? What I am saying here is it has to offer lots of excellent options for monetization; it’s about making money isn’t it? It will best if you can make each and every visitor to your website into a possible income-generator.

  5. Take adequate regular time periods to work on your site. Look at it this way if you have only 1 hour per week to work on your website you should stay away for highly competitive niche

There you are!! You have heard it from Martin that Brainstorm It! is the only complete website building keyword-researching tool in the entire world. And Brainstorm It! is just the front end of the C  T  P  M process...  the only process guaranteed to make you money online.

O.K. we were talking about Joey, he now knew how to create Content, and he had taken the first steps to building maximum, targeted Traffic that is highly profitable.

So he had in his possession a website concept upon which his website success would depend.
In Step#3 I will cover how Joey brainstormed in full as well as researched his Website Concept in order to develop his website blueprint.

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