Step#1: A Tutorial on Understanding Website Basics

Understanding website basics

is the first step of 10. This guide is built as a “10 Step Process”. I have used this concept on all of my sites with great success. I have refined and improved the concept with far greater results.

The 10 Step Process is an easy method to take you through the C   T   P   M process.  This is a tried, tested and proven process.

Forget about what your business concept might be the key to any website’s success is to build highly targeted TRAFFIC through delivering KILLER CONTENT that is related to the theme of your website. Here I am now talking of the C in C   T   P   M. This is Content... Content is useful to:

  1. Direct large quantities of free Traffic (the T in C   T   P   M) from the Search Engines, this traffic comes in form of targeted website visitors.
  2. Once they visit your site they become PREsold about your website or business concept (i.e., they start to warm up and become motivated by your excellent Content), and these visitors then...
  3. Become trusting enough to generate income for you via a variety of Monetization models on your site (i.e. they purchase your website services or products, they bring finder's fees for you, they also click on your Google ads, even make you money through clicking on your affiliate links, etc.).

Above I have just summarised the website basics for you - how the Content  Traffic   PREsell   Monetize process works.

The 10 Step Process plus an integrated set of tools combine to make website creation process all so do-able.

I am going to reveal where you can access these tools at the end of this guide.
Be patient read this guide and gain some understanding first before you get into action. I want to teach you the art of war, its very simple you know it already...
its "Ready, Aim, Fire".

 It is not "Fire, oh no!! you should have Aimed, but you were not Ready, you missed, what a sorry case!".

So, be warned success comes from getting prepared first, then firing from all six cylinders only once you are ready, never before. This is what the 10 Step Process is about...
 READY... take AIM... FIRE... Bull's eye... Money in your pocket.

The 10 Step Process will assist you to turn your knowledge into Content... and your Content attracts search engines which then sends Traffic to your website... then PRESells those website visitors before converting them into Money.

THAT is what makes this process so unique... as well as effective.

OK let’s get into this...

Relax for a moment and picture this...
You can build a profitable website; you can drive hoards of ready to buy visitors to your website, on a day by day basis. You can make money from your website.

Hold on, stay with me...
  • I will teach how to build this website all by yourself, no matter what your business or website concept is.
  • I will reveal to you a place where you can access all tools in one place
  • You will run your site at a ridiculously affordable cost, while you are making heaps of money.
Remember it’s all up to you; you can make this happen ... all the tools are at your disposal... understand the website basics first.

Look everybody I have met in my life has a particular skill or passion that’s what makes us human beings; it’s one of the reasons why you are currently reading this guide. When I talk about skills I mean things like fitness trainer, engineering, landscaping, cartoonist, you name it there are dozens of skills out there. Let’s talk about your passion; are you into chocolate making, sewing, dogs, sports cars, OK let’s stop, look the list is endless.

All I am saying is you can turn any of your skills or passion into a website. I mean any skill, which means you only need one, not a combination. If you have multiple skills and passions there is nothing stopping you from turning them into multiple websites. Multiple incomes waiting for you there!! 

Let’s put this into steps, its website basics I am talking about here, detail comes in later steps.
The first step in understanding website basics is to understand how to create high-value content material. Online, people look for high quality information and solutions -- they aren't looking for you. Provide them with what they need through converting your understanding in to high-quality, in-demand Content material.

The second step is a reminder that with the website basics surrounding the 10 step process your theme-based topical content will rank very well at the Search Engines, bringing in totally free, targeted traffic...

In the third step the website basics make it very clear that you need to create trust as well as credibility (i.e., PREsell) through OVERdelivering related, unique, high-quality information to these inspired pre-customers.

The forth step is about generating income from your warm, willing-to-buy visitors in other ways. Market hard products, e-goods, your individual or even professional services... or you can even have a combination of the three. Or even be a "pure infopreneur" as well as earn considerable money without selling whatsoever, via Google Advertisements, affiliate marketer fees, finder's fees and other methods.

A mix of money making choices will help you develop a flourishing, varied business. Consider various monetisation options to open to you. Based on your unique market (niche) and website motives, many will apply to you. Some won't. Customize your choice of monetization versions according to your time and effort constraints as well as priorities. Simple webiste basics isn't it?

The bottom line is never to end up being dependent on one source of income -- "storing all your eggs in a single basket" is a high-risk technique. By diversifying, your income improves, your business becomes more stable, and you're simply responsible for your website destiny.

Bear in mind... Traffic arrives prior to Monetization. And it's Content which builds Traffic.

Content  Traffic  PREsell  Monetize
Allow C   T   P   M  to be your brand-new business rule. It will help you create a profitable Web site.

What if you already own a business, be it or lone or offline, this guide will help you drive a lot of traffic consisting of willing buyers all read to pay for your products or services.

The process outlined in this guide turns any topic or subject, passion or skills, services or products into a profitable website.

OK let’s talk about hard facts here; you need proof that this process works right? I don’t blame you I would too. Let’s talk about that.

I will start by introducing Joey.
Joey is an engineer, he has a weakness. He buys almost every eBook reader that comes online. If he does not have it he finds somebody who has the last eReader and

plays around with it, he gets really absorb into it for a while, before giving it unwillingly back to its owner.  That sounds like a weakness right? No it’s a passion.

Could he turn this into a business? OH YES he sure could and make money out of it too. All I did was persuade him to start writing about what he thought of each and every ereader that he had had on his hands on, that’s a lot of ereaders by the way, he started off reluctantly but soon got absorbed into it.

By the end of the week he had reviewed and critiqued 10 eBook Readers, that’s a massive 2 Readers a day, and the reviews were good too. Now that I had grabbed his attention it was time to introduce him to the 10 Step Process, an show him who he could turn these reviews into money. See?, it helps to understand website basics.

The 10 Step process allowed him to successfully start an eReader Reviews website, which allowed him to spent hour and hours writing about his passion - eReaders.

Was it easy? Not as such, he had to spend some time to write about his passion. Is this a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME”?  NO!! Get out of here! I am talking about business OK. This is business.

Is this do-able? Absolutely YES – Simple website basics says it can be done - Look Joey had no web designing or marketing skills. That’s what mentors, coaches, and tutors are they for, that’s what I am here for. I will hold your hand throughout the whole process.

I discussed the website basics with Joey, and urged him to read the web basics 3 times over, at the end of the day he had internalised the website basics it was time for Step#2, where he learnt how to find his best Site Concept

Go Forward to Step#2 -- Find and Develop Your Website Concept

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