Step #9: Know Your Visitors Through Web Analytics

Understanding Web analytics is your objective in Step#9 ; you will get to "know and understand" your website visitors by using traffic-reporting tools in the TrafficCenter of Site Central’s intergrated tools.

Joey monitors traffic patterns, especially incoming/outgoing traffic. He adjusts his traffic-building efforts for maximal profit.

He thinks of web traffic as being a two-directional event. Every visitor comes and leaves his eReader Review website. At one point traffic is coming into his site from all his traffic-building efforts.

Web analytics assist you to understand the at some point these visitors also leaving his website. Hopefully, they leave through clicking on a link (affiliate link, Google ad link, or product purchase link.) and not just closing your browser window and leaving without making him some money.
Clicks are a way  of monetizing since they either lead  to more website content pages (thereby increasing PREselling) or point to your income-generators, such as...
  • Links to order pages of products or services you are selling
  • your order page at ClickBank
  • Google AdSense ads
  • ads to sponsor sites
  • links to merchant-partners' sites
This really depends on your Monetization Model Mix.

From web analytics Joey learnt how to increase income in addition to decreasing expenses. He came to understand that key to successful web analytics is simplicity – which meant knowing only what he needed to know, which is information on his website....
  1. Traffic
  2. Links out
  3. Links in
The integrated TrafficCenter provided him with exactly that information.

Web analytics told Joey what he needed to know about quantities of visits, visitors, as well as page views. It showed him where visitors come from in addition to what words they used to find his website at the Search Engines.

Once Joey understood where his visitors were coming from and what they were doing on his site, it was now easy to know
  • how to make money. He geared his content more and more towards what "gets the click." He knew this was what builds his income.
  • how he spent his traffic-building time and money --  he knew what's working, and what's not. He spent money only on the techniques that bear fruit for his website.
So how did he all get this information? He did this through two forms of analysis that have been especially optimized and being developed only for Concept-Based Content Websites...
  • Click Through Web Analytics tool, and...
  • Click IN Web Analytics tool.
All these are free tools build to support the 10 Step process.
Let’s look at Click Through web analytics.
You need to understand when and how visitors monetize on your website.
  • Are your website visitors clicking? If so by how much?
  • Which pages are "getting the click?"
  • Which links are “getting the click?" And even...
  • Which links on what pages are "getting the click?"
The integrated tools automatically encodes your website’s every outgoing link, you don't have to. This leaves you with the option to immediately measure as well as track Click-Throughs!

Let's get started...
Click Throughs on your website occur when visitors click on a link on your website ("ON-SITE link").
These are the clicks that earn you money. Your website visitors could be clicking to...
  • your own store order pages
  • your affiliate programs links
  • your order page for e-goods  
  • Google Ads
  • site sponsor ads, or even any other monetization options you have.
Explore Click IN Web Analytics.
Click INs to your site occur when visitors click on an OFF-SITE link be it from another website or from search engines  and come into your website. How can you track Click INs?

You can do this by creating a special Tracking Link for each OFF-SITE link that you wish to track. The integrated tools has encoding that that keeps tracking the created link recording the click and where it came from. Then the link sends the visitor to the webpage on your site that you are promoting.

The goal of Click Through Web Analytics is to maximise profits. Actually, maximizing website profits, which is also called Monetizing, is the major goal, the M after you do C   T   P so well.

And before I move on To Step#10 (Monetizing) bear in mind...
It’s important to "Know" your site visitors by following Traffic Stats regularly. You have to watch for trends, but don't worry about fluctuations. It’s advised to use Click IN Analysis and Click Through Analysis to maximize profits (i.e., drop efforts that don't work and put more effort on increasing income).

Now let’s get into the moment that you have been waiting for since Step#4. Let's look at how to harvest the fruits of your labor.....

It's time to Monetize! 

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