Step #8: Preselling Your Website Content

Joey adopted the preselling approach; The approach that he adopted of delivering high-qulaity Content does more than simply build traffic. It won his visitors confidence, too. It was now time to deepen the trust. Bear in mind that repeat exposure to high value content is the surest way to develop loyal customers. Give them more high value content, they will come back.

Here is what Joey does, he ... 
  1. uses a tool called RSS/Blog It!(its unique to the 10 step process), to site blog, reformat his newest top notch content into blog posts as well as distribute the content it to the "blogosphere."

  2. adds “Socialize It!” (to link to key social sites) – This gave him instant social media marketing (e,g MySpace, Yahoo Buzz., Facebook, etc)! He understood that success meant going where your visitors spend most of their time, and luring them to your website from their familiar territory...yes go to their playground, they will come to you.

  3. uses a tool called “Form Build It!” (once again unique to the 10 Step process) to add contact, other forms, as well as autoresponder features to his website. Joey learnt that Form Build It! is an extremely  powerful and flexible method of providing more "Backup Response" options.

  4. He understood that forms were a simple way to interact and communicate with his customers and visitors. Forms took his PREselling efforts to a higher relationship level. Whenever his visitor filled in a form, they were making a connection with him.

    He came to agree that forms are also a very safe  method to communicate with his vistors. SPAM-bots have the capabilities to extract e-mail addresses from your website, but  cant do the same on  forms. This is a very good way to protect yourself from spam...

    Whether Joey wanted to generate a completely new income stream, create a series of orderly Autoresponder messages,  conduct a survey, or simply collect feedback from his website visitors, Form Build It! Did that for him.
  5. manages and publishes a newsletter using MailOut Manager.

  6. A high quality e-zine (e-mailed newsletter) is a Backup Response of excellent magnitude. It lets you get the time to revisit your visitors. It helps remind them about your website, as well as give them valid reasons to return to your website.

    Newsletters serve the purpose of delivering one or more of the following...
    • new information about your website
    • new service or product upgrade/introductions announcements
    • brand new website content exclusive to subscribers 
    • the rest is, limited only by your imagination.
    Through an e-ezine Joey provided what his subscribers wanted to hear, not what he wanted to talk about. He made them look forward to receiving his next issue!

    If you provide a Service, a newsletter is a must. A high quality e-zine, is a way to impress your prospective customers with your expertise as well as ability to deliver. This is a way of building credibility (yes, that's what I call  "PREselling").

    Never forget your ultimate goal... Monetize.

  7. Joey set up a Facebook business page for his site. Just a few years ago, Facebook was pretty un-touchable for businesses. All that changed they intorduced the business webpage option. Now, a Facebook business page is an exellent marketing option, this helps especially to create brand loyalty.

  8. Facebook has tips on setting up your business page, adding a welcome tab, setting privacy options, adding images to your page, as well as other useful information to help you market your website.  Joey continued preselling

  9. Use the Power of Infin It! to reach out even farther Joey used Infin It! to add outside applications (such as a phpBB forum or a  WordPress blog or) as subdomains of his website.

He only added these applications when he had 30-50 pages as well as  around 100 visitors per day, this allowed him to build a community around his website and his eReader Reviews  concept.

Step# 8 is all about ways to build relationships with your visitors. This is a way to deepen the credibility and trust that your website's high quality content first developed through C  T  P

Once you achieve this, your visitors see you as a knowledgeable friend making a good recommendation.  That’s what preselling is all about.

Now it's time to analyze all those good friends you are making through preselling  your website...


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