Step #10: Monetize and Sustain Your Website’s Future

Monetize; The Time Has Come.

Joey’s first step towards success was to understand the basics,  let’s face it I don’t need to tell you everybody need to learn to walk before they can run, it's common sense.

The goal in step#10 is to begin implementing the Monetization plan from Step#4.

Always remember...
You are a "High Quality Content Provider" first and foremost.

Keep in mind that its high-quality, relevant keyword focused Content that drives the C   T   P engine which in turn will deliver high volumes of PREsold web visitors who trust and have confidence in you. Once you have a solid website traffic base, monetization becomes easy.

You now know enough to...
  • look deep within yourself and find your passion, knowledge, and expertise to start a new business, or to help you build a theme-based content site to boost an existing business (online or off!)
  • create a site based upon that knowledge, full of high-profitability topics
  • write content that acts like juicy bait to those hungry "Search Engine" spiders
  • write content that PREsells and gets excellent Conversion Rates no matter how you monetize
  • build even more PREsold traffic through a variety of techniques, including a frequently changing blog/RSS feed, a PREselling e-zine, and through contact forms, surveys, courses and other uses of Form Build It!
  • monetize your traffic in a variety of ways -- make every visitor count and build a diverse, stable, profitable, online business.
In other words...
You know how to build and market a Web site that WORKS!.... a website that will monetize.  You understand that traffic arrives before you Monetize your website. And it's Content which builds Traffic.

In the  Content  Traffic  PREsell  Monetize process, it the M in Monetize that comes last yet it is the most important... it makes you money. In  this case the GREATEST comes last.

You are well on your way to doing that now, and will continue to build upon these skills over the coming months and years with this site... and your second, third, and fourth ones, too!

All you need to do is follow the 10 step process, step by step.

Understand the C   T   P   M process first. Joey learnt how and why PREselling, is different from selling, why PREselling is what maximizes profits. He came to think of the 10 Step process, not as a process but a mentor who escorted and advised him, who showed him what e-business really is.

After completion, Joey had a C  T  P  M website that fired on all six cylinders. His in-demand eBook Reader Reviews (Content) attracted Traffic. This load of targeted visitors was PREsold by the quality of the eReader reviews. Listen very carefully to this... Then, and absolutely only then, was Joey in a position to Monetize. And make money he did.

The truth is Content  Traffic  PREsell  Monetize... is absolutely the only one way for small business to make inroads online. Please, OK look mentors don’t usually beg, I just want you to keep this process in mind OK?

C   T   P   M...   It's finally M time! Monetize time.
By this time Joey had a solid and growing foundation of high-quality keyword focused content pages. He value-exchanged selectively and garnered quality in-pointing links from niche directories as well as other sources. Targeted traffic continued to build. Did he monetize now? No wait a bit.

Joey’s PREselling efforts were becoming more refined as he built his “Brand of One." He nurtured trust and credibility with his new (plus repeat!) visitors by OVERdelivering relevant, original, high-value eReader Reviews information (through his website, Blog It!, e-zine, Content 2.0, etc.). People liked his content... and
they liked Joey! Did he monetize now? OH YES!!! he did.

Now, Joey’s website was ready to convert the ever-increasing web traffic numbers of PREsold visitors into money and income. How? He did this by blending together his primary monetization model with a few others; this helped to create a diverse, stable website.

It was time to make money, time to monetize, and make money he did.

If you haven't guessed it by now, Joey is not fictious. He is a very real, living example of how the 10 Steps process, how the process can help anyone, anywhere, with any kind of business... no matter how much you know about the Net.

Joey’s site can be found at

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