How To Create a Website For Kids

How to create a website for kids is a question many web designers have started asking mainly because kids now get acquainted to web technology at a tender age than their parents were, so it’s not a surprise that websites are now being built exclusively for them.

If you want to learn how to make a website for kids, then this guide gives you valuable tips to get you started.

Guided Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a Website for Kids
Successful ways of how to create a website remain the same no matter what topic you choose, I will cover how to apply these techniques to assist you to create a website for kids.

Register a Domain
The first step to understand how to create a website for kids is registering a domain. The domain name is the web address where kids will find you on the internet. Domains usually cost close $10 per year to register with renewals happening yearly as well.

Domain names are not owned outright, they are rented. Suppose you fail to renew your domain registration, it becomes available for grabs. Somebody else can legally register your domain name in case you fail to renew it.

In most cases domain names are purchased simultaneously as your hosting

Purchase Hosting
Website hosting refers to businesses that possess servers (software, computers) owned by a hosting provider, to store all the necessary files you require so people can access your website. You don’t have to buy the server yourself you can simply rent some space form a hosting provider.

In this case the files you require to run your site (e.g., html, videos, images or audio) are kept on a shared server so that when a visitor types in your domain name, your website files are then populated in their browser, so they can view your content online.

Cheap hosting costs averages around $5-8 dollars a month. You are usually given options to pay each month or annually.

Servers normally make backups of your files daily, just in case you lose your files through a website crash or get hacked.

For hosting I highly recommend Sitesell, Hostgator  or Justhost.

Build a New Website
The question to answer is, how to create a website for kids.  There are several options available when thinking of building a new website. You can do the hard code html all by yourself if you willing to learn, alternatively you can pay a professional web designer to design a website for you. Most people tend to use simple and free content management systems such as joomla or  WordPress . Both wordpress and joomla are very good for the beginner .

Cool features to include once you have understood how to create a website for kids include..
Well it’s very true that kids like to be entertained and “wowed”. Their little minds move at a mile per minute as such they need to be stimulated every step to the next mile. Visual stimulation is good for kids, so I recommend that your new website for kids should have tons of pictures of kids, videos, animations, drawings, sounds, flashy graphics and never leave out games. Kids like to play.

Topics that keep kids engaged.
To understand how to create a website for kids, you need to understand that kids are usually interested in a variety of topics; this means you are unlimited on what you can write about.
Below is a list of possibly topics to consider when learning how to create a website for kids.

  • Pets or Animals – These topics are great for kids who like all kinds of animals and love to share stories photos, and information.
  • Dinosaurs – Quite a large number of kids love anything related to the prehistoric dinosaurs’ era. They are thrilled by dinosaurs including how powerful and huge they were. A website based on this theme can help kids share stories; books and exhibits related these prehistoric creatures.
  • Arts and Crafts – There are particularly good for kids who like painting, drawing, pottery, scrapbooking, sewing, designing, writing or drawing cartoons.
  • School Subjects – A lot of kids love to learn new things. You can create a website for kids based on math problems, science projects, or history lessons. A website based on these themes will stimulate kids’ brains.
  • Stories and Books – These website themes are good for kids who love to read since they can list their favourite books and even write their own stories including drawings.
  • Music – I think based on this article you now know how to create a website for kids who love playing instruments, performing or performing. Information for such a website can be based on local clubs, concerts, including musical equipment to rent.
  • Physical Activities – A website based on this topic is centred around outdoor activities like bicycling, hiking, walking, rollerblading and skateboarding. Content on this website can give tips on the best places to go and share photos or videos including the best equipment for physical activities.
  • Outer Space Website theme for kids tend to include topics on space camps, photos from the moon, history, astronauts including even aliens!

I hope the information I have given above has helped you get an insight on how to create a website for kids.
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