Step #5: Register a Domain Name & Develop a User-centric Design

Joey registered his domain name (with just a click of the button, included in price). The Web hosting provided was high-speed and extremely reliable; redundancy, backups, it has them all. Also included was annual renewal of his domain name done automatically, in addition to unlimited e-mail, well just to cut the short story short all features of top-notch hosting are included.

It’s not the hosting that matters here, Any good company can do that as well. It’s about the C  T  P  M process, in addition to  all the cutting edge tools (nearly all of them unique on the World Wide Web), all these tools are at your disposal for use in executing to perfection, this is what will make your website work.

Well look at it this way, without targeted, PREsold traffic, your site virtually doesn’t exist. Why? Because no one will find it, suppose they do what will make them stay on you site if you don’t have Presold traffic? Nothing!, They will simply brush your site aside and visit a site that has implemented  the C  T  P  M process.

Joe is not a designer. He possesses no HTML or design ability at all. That’s no big deal, the process I am talking about offers cutting-edge designing capabilities.

Joey was given the opportunity to select from multitudes of free, customizable, professional ready-to-use templates (design with 2 or 3 column layouts). He used the built-in tools to put his own personal touch to his website.

If you don’t have design experience do not worry, Joey was just like you but he got successful using the 10 Steps process.

The tools supporting the 10 step process, will give you the power to create your own unique website background, logo and navigation buttons. All this happens using the

unique "Point-and-click designing." interface. You will have all the tools you need to build a professional design,  typefaces, glows,  outlines, textures drop shadows, gradients, bevels and embossing... just to name a few... all at your fingertips.

You will get a stunning, high-end website using the robust, flexible, easy-to-use tools , it like an online-Photoshop... for your use without a torturous learning curve and expenses which come along with Photoshop.

Joey makes a decision to customize a "business" template. With a click of a button he started building his website. Based on my advice he started off the C  T  P  M process. This process helped Joey deliver eBook Reader reviews... the Content that Joey's "pre-customers" was waiting for. 

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