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Welcome To Make a Website In 10 Steps

I'm Martin Mativenga, a professional web designer and author of Make A Website in 10 Steps.

I decided to write this guide on how to create a website in order to assist a large number of people who have always asked the question “How do you build a website?, but had absolutely no idea on how to proceed.

Imagine if you could build a website plus drive thousands of highly targeted, open-to-buy website visitors to it, day-in-day-out. Now just think about doing it...

  • all by yourself, whatever  the subject or business of your website,
  • using a simple 10 Step Process,
  • All for less than a dollar a day.

All this is made possible through a comprehensive step by step tutorial that provides a great guide for beginners as well as professionals with an interest in understanding more about how to create a website successfully.

In this guide, I go a long way to explain how to make a website profitably from start to finish.

I did not build this guide just for the layman and beginner, it applies to professionals as well; by the way you don’t have to be a professional web designer to make a website successfully. 

Just a word of caution before you proceed, I am making the assumption that you are here because you want to create a website, not only build a website but a profitable one too. It’s all about making money isn’t it?

If you are here to make money I would like to emphasize just one very important point...

Read This Guide...

Do not browse through it. READ IT, absorb it, internalise it. This is your gateway creating a successful website.  This is not a user manual it is a guide on how to make a website in a profitable way.

I know you are not here just to make a website, but you are here to turn a new leaf, you are here to learn how 2 create a website that will make money for you.

What do you have to lose anyway? All the information in this guide is provided free of charge. My advice to you is to make some time to read and understand this guide; it is designed for use if you want to succeed where most have failed.

Most have tried and failed to build a website, for the simple reason that they want to put the “cart before the horse”.  Relax take some time and go through this guide.

You have now join a band wagon of people who have been successful by simply implementing what this guide says, they did that only after taking time to read, absorb and internalise what I have to offer.

Remember you were only able to find this guide, from billions of websites on the web, simply because I “walk the talk”. I implemented every single step I have laid out in this guide on this particular website. That’s the reason why you were able to find it, that's the reason why you are reading it now, that’s the reason why you will continue to read to the end. That’s the reason why you will be successful when you create a website of your own.

Yes you will be successful; you will know how to create a website after going through this guide. The set of success oriented skills you will get after reading this guide are guaranteed to make you successful in your quest to build a website.
You have nothing to lose, so take your time and read on. It will only cost you your time and concentration, but what fraction is that as compared to the cost of failing to make a website.

You will never be alone as you read this guide even as you make a website. Be assured thousands of people from all around the globe have set up successful websites, blogs, and personal websites, by simply taking time to read then following these guidelines.

You will never be alone because I will be there with you, I am only an email way, I will answer any question pertaining to this guide and more. What more I will do it free of charge too.

You must be wondering why I am providing all this information and services free of charge.  The reasoning is very simple, I have been successful online, and the only way I can pay it forward is to give away information guaranteed to make other people successful as well.

If you insist on paying me, all I can say is  thanks a lot but NO, I don't require cash right now. I will definitely appreciate a link from your website to this website it will help spread the word on how to make a profitable website.  A link to this website is not a requirement but it will be very much appreciated.

I have been successful, I have built loads of successful websites, please make me proud; be successful too, read this guide, follow the instruction on how to create a website and to do profitably too!!.

Are you ready to learn how to create a website, I will assume you have set aside whatever you were doing, I will assume I now have all you attention, because I am now about to hand you your key to help you make a website successfully.

I have written this guide in a 10 Step logical order, I urge you to read all the 10 Steps in their order.

OK here we go.... The first step to success is to understand the website basics. You need to understand the C T P M process. By the end of Step#1 you will understand why and how PREselling, not selling, is what will maximize your website profits. 

Go Forward to Step#1: A Tutorial on Understanding Website Basics